New Look for Sony’s PS5: Slimmer but a Bit Strange

Sony makes their game consoles slimmer and neater, like they did with the PS One. But now, with the new PlayStation 5 (PS5), my love for the “slim” PlayStation might be changing because it’s smaller but has some odd things going on.

Size Update: A Smaller PS5

The new “slim” PS5 is smaller, with Sony saying it’s been made “more than 30 percent” tinier. Up close, it does look smaller, but it’s still quite a big console. The design, with its curves, is a bit busy and not everyone’s favorite. The size change might make you say, “Yeah, it’s smaller,” but it’s still a big gaming machine.

Design Quirks: Some Weird Choices

While the new PS5 looks more polished with its short white covers and curves, some design choices are puzzling. The disc drive looks like an odd growth, and the feet for horizontal placement look like a joke. Interestingly, the vertical stand, which used to come with the PS5, is now something you have to buy for $29.99.

Extra Features: More Storage and Ports

The new PS5 comes with more built-in storage – 1TB, which is better than before. It also has two USB-C ports on the front, which is a good change. Another good thing is they moved the button to eject discs, so you won’t get confused with the power button.

Weird Addition: Removable Disc Drive

Sony lets you easily take off or put back the disc drive without any tools, but the big question is: why? Even though it’s good for people who regret buying the Digital Edition, the add-on drive costs $79.99, making it more expensive than the Digital Edition, which used to be $449.99.

Conclusion: Some Good, Some Strange for the Slim PS5

Sony tried to make the PS5 look slimmer, and it has some good parts and some weird parts. The new look and more storage are good, but some design choices and making you buy the vertical stand separately might be confusing. The slim PS5 is a mix of good and a little bit strange, with some improvements and some head-scratching things.