Facebook and Instagram Offer Ad-Free Options in Europe for a Fee

Users of Facebook and Instagram in Europe now have the option to opt out of target ads by purchasing a monthly subscription. Meta, the parent company of these platforms, recently announce that this feature would be available for users in the European Union, as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.

Ad-Free Plans at Different Price Tiers

To enjoy the platforms without ads, users can opt for a monthly plan. The cost for this service is €9.99 ($10.60) when access on the web and €12.99 ($13.78) when using iOS and Android. Starting in March, an additional monthly fee will be apply for each additional account list in a user’s Account Center. The fees will be €6 ($6.37) on the web and €8 ($8.48) on iOS and Android.

Regulatory Compliance and User Consent

Meta’s move is part of its efforts to comply with several European regulations aime at limiting the use of personalize ads by US technology companies. In response to these regulations, Meta has develope these ad-free plans, which give users an option to choose ad-free access by paying a subscription fee.

The European Union has tightening its rules, and it will soon require major tech companies to request users’ consent regarding the use of personalize advertising.

Continued Free Access with Ads

It is important to note that users in Europe will still be able to use Instagram and Facebook for free, but they will continue to see ads as part of the regular service. These subscription plans are offer as an opt-out feature for those who wish to have an ad-free experience.

It’s important to highlight that these plans apply specifically to users within Europe and are not offer to users outside of this region.

Privacy and Data Collection

Meta’s approach is influence by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implement by the European Union, which regulates the collection and usage of personal data. According to GDPR, companies may collect and use personal data as long as it falls within specific categories and is done with user consent.

Meta has previously justified its data collection for advertising as necessary for fulfilling the contractual agreements between the platform and its users to provide its services. However, privacy advocates and regulators have contested this justification as insufficient for using personal data for advertising purposes.

Commitment to Free, Ad-Supported Internet

In a blog post, Meta emphasized its belief in a free, ad-supported internet and its commitment to providing free access to its personalized products and services regardless of income. The company also expressed its respect for the evolving European regulations and its dedication to complying with them, indicating that the ad-free subscription option aligns with the spirit and purpose of these regulations.